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10 Top Risks in International Business

In today’s business environment, conditions remain challenging for many, and risk retains its position high on every organization’s agenda. Businesses themselves are changing, which brings new risk horizons and, at the same time, they are grappling with the changes brought about by a post-downturn economy. The ability to anticipate threats, respond and continually adapt is as critical a part of the risk management process as it ever has been.

This report made by Ernst & Young in collaboration with Oxford Analytica explores the global top 10 risks facing businesses that have emerged in recent times:

  • Regulation and compliance
  • Access to credit
  • Slow recovery o double-dip recession
  • Managing talent
  • Emerging markets
  • Cost cutting
  • Non-traditional entrants
  • Radical greening
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Executive alliances and transactions

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