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Guide to International Business Location Costs

In most industries today, companies have to operate internationally to stay successful and grow. This guide made by KPMG (the consulting and tax company) contains valuable information for any company locating international business operations.

Based in all regions of the globe, this guide offers locally relevant, the industry-specific knowledge that can help support expansion and relocation decisions.

The main objectives of this publication are:

  • Develop an approach for international expansion that can support overall business objectives.
  • Determine the requirements of a new operation and translate these into criteria for evaluating locations.
  • Identify and compare countries, regions, and cities as potential locations for relocating or establishing new operations.
  • Select and evaluate potential properties, buildings, or sites for a new facility.
  • Set up new operations in a tax-efficient manner.

A complete information of each city analyze in this guide (city profiles) can be founded on the website Competitive Alternatives.

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