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International trade information: Top 10 websites



The Internet is the main tool to obtain information on international trade. There is a huge amount of information online including: international trade statistics, country information, market research, business directories, model documents and international contracts, etc.

Below we offer a selection of the 10 most relevant websites for businesses and professionals involved in international trade. This selection is based on three criteria: volume of information, the usefulness of information and accessibility. For each web, we provide the bests access link and a briefing of the information contained on the website.

Comtrade – International trade statistics by products and countries

This United Nations site provides international trade statistics of goods (exports and imports) by product and country of origin and destination. To use it is necessary to know the tariff code of the product sought (4 or 6 digits). While it is a very useful site for anyone involved in international trade, the information is not easily available. To get the information from the home page it is recommended to use the following path:

Data availability – by reporter -choose the country and year in the first column – checkbox “I have read Readme First” – Continue – in quick filter select the tariff code (4 to 6 figures)- search – select option HS 2002 – apply


Market Access Data Base – Tariffs and import documents in countries that do not belong to the European Union

Web managed by the EU Commission. It is only accessible to members of the EU countries. It has two very useful resources for European companies that want to export to non-EU countries:

Tariffs: tariffs rates that must be paid to export to each country. The search is performed by tariff codes (4 or 6 digits) and countries of destination of the goods.

Import Documents: all documents required by the customs of the non-EU member for each commodity. It is necessary to insert the tariff code of the product (4 or 6 digits) and the countries of destination. For each document, the site provides the model and explains how to complete it.


Coface  – Country-risk and macroeconomic data

This website belongs to the French company COFACE (world leader in export insurance) is very useful to know the country risk and the business climate of each country.

It offers a classification of 7 levels of risk from very low to high (A1, A2, A3, A4, B, C, D). From level A2 is advisable to take precautions and cover the risk, and levels C and D discourage investment operations. It also provides relevant macroeconomic information and a Strengths/Weaknesses Analysis of the economy of each country.


Global Trade Alert – Information about international trade barriers

Real-time information on state measures that are likely to affect international trade. It identifies the trading partners and the effects on imports coming from different countries.


UK Trade and Investment – Doing business guides of most countries

Web of the British Export and investment Agency which is very useful for the business guides aimed al trade professionals that visit a country for the first time. Each guide includes the following sections: Preparing to export, doing business, market opportunities and challenges, business etiquette, investment opportunities, etc.


International Contracts – International contracts models in five languages

This website provides 15 international contracts models in four languages (Spanish, English, French and German) and some of them also available for China in English-Chinese bilingual version. It offers also Memorandum of Understanding and Letters of Intent. All documents are in Word format ready to use.


Incoterms– Information about the 11 Incoterms on 2010 version

En esta página se ofrece información muy completa sobre los Incoterms de la última versión (2010): ¿qué son? y ¿para qué se utilizan? así como las obligaciones de compradores y vendedores para cada Incoterm, ejemplos y gráficos explicativos.


Globaltrade – Business directory of export services providers and market analysis

This private website, sponsored by different agencies of foreign trade promotion, offers two very useful resources:

Business Directory: more than 100.000 trade services providers classified by country and specialty: agents and distributors, trading companies, transportation and logistics, lawyers, etc.

Market Analysis: more than 30.000 documents on market research, industry news, tips for doing business, etc.


Kompass – Worldwide business directory

It is the leading global company directory with nearly 3 million registered businesses in 50 countries. The search can be done by country, product or company name. The classification of products is very ample ant that facilitates the search for potential customers and suppliers in each country. It has a first level of free information (identification of the company and contact details) and then a second payment level (commercial report of the company).


Infotrade – International Trade Database

To access these websites as well as other websites with useful information about the international trade we recommend to use Infotrade Database that provides access to 1.000 international trade best websites classified by subjects and countries.