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International Transport Information: The 5 Best Websites

The information on the international transport of goods is very relevant for foreign trade operations. For this reason, export and import companies and also those that provide transport services such as logistics operators and freight forwarders must know and properly manage those sources of information in the logistics sector in which they can find out about relevant data of the different types of transport (road transport, sea transport, air or multimodal), especially with regard to international transport rates and quotes.

Below is a selection of the 5 best websites for companies and professionals dedicated to the international transport of goods, either as providers or as clients. This selection has been made based on three criteria: volume of information, usefulness of the information and accessibility. For each website, the best access link is provided and a summary of the information that can be found.

Freightnet  – Directory of freight forwarders and logistics companies classified by countries

When contracting international transport, especially for a shipment to a complex country, it is necessary to hire a provider specialist in the type of transport; that is, freight forwarders and logistics operators.

The Freighnet website allows you to identify and directly access a large number of companies in the logistics sector (carriers, insurers, freight forwarders, customs agents, equipment suppliers, etc.) classified by country. For each company, a profile of its activities is offered and you can contact it through the “send a message” button. Likewise, transport and logistics service providers can register on this web and position themselves, specifically, appear in the first places, by type of logistics service/country, through the qualification of “Premium Member”.

UPS Small Business – Quotations for sending packages and samples

The exportation of some products such as jewelry, gourmet products (in small quantities), books, etc., has a reduced volume and weight. The same is true of samples of certain consumer products or products undergoing repairs.

For this type of shipment, the multinational UPS has a website with instant quotes for sending packages to practically every country in the world. The website is very easy to use. From the choice of the countries of origin and destination of the shipment, you must choose the type of package among five alternatives according to size (extra small, small, medium, large and extra large), and insert the measurements in cm. (length, width and height). The shipping quote is automatically offered. This website is free to use and no registration is required, nor is it necessary to provide your email.

DHL Freight – Road transport quotes in Europe

In the event that you want to obtain a quote for road transport in Europe, DHL Freight website is really useful. From the introduction of the name and postal code of the countries of origin and destination, you must choose between groupage shipments or full truck / part truck shipments. Next, you must provide information about the shipment: number of units, weight and dimensions; also mention if it is palletized or stackable, as well as the value of the merchandise and if you want transport insurance.

Once all the information is completed, automatically, a budget and the estimated time to carry out the transport are offered. The website is free to use and no registration or email is required to obtain quotes.

Freightos – International Shipping Quotes

If what is needed is a freight quote for maritime transport, the most complete website is Freightos. Like the other two websites mentioned above, it starts by inserting the name and postal code of the countries of origin and destination. Next, you have to choose between shipments in bulk or in container; and then provide shipment data such as: number of pallets, type, weight, value of the merchandise, etc.

With all this information, this logistics tool compares quotes between the main world shipping providers and offers the best quote in real time, as well as the possibility of booking and manage cargo. To get this quotations users of this website must register.

Global Negotiator International transport documents

Finally, any type of international transport requires completing a series of documents, especially if in the course of that transport several countries with their corresponding customs must be crossed.

These documents can be commercial (commercial invoice, packing list), transport itself (CMR for road transport, B/L for sea transport AWB for air, or FBL for multimodal transport), customs (DUA) or certificates (origin, analysis, inspection, etc.).

All these transport documents and forms, both the document model and an explanatory guide can be obtained for use in Word or PDF format on the Globalnegotiator website.

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