China Contracts in English and Chinese

For companies trading in China, it is essential to use draft contracts to help in negotiations with Chinese companies, and also to provide legal certainty.

With this twofold objective in mind, we offer the most common contracts (Distribution, Agency, Commission, Manufacture, Supply, Confidentiality), all adapted to the uses and practices of the Chinese market and Chinese laws (People's Republic of China Contract Law). We also provide Memorandums used before Distribution and Joint Venture agreements.

The contracts are drawn up in two languages: English and Chinese. The Chinese version has been prepared using simplified Chinese characters, which is the form used in relations with foreign companies. All word processing programs (Word, Pages, Open Office) include simplified Chinese, so it is relatively easy to modify, eliminate or insert text in the double version (English-Chinese) offered.

Together with the contracts, we provide a Guide in English regarding Negotiation of Contracts in China, with guidelines on behaviour patterns and common practices of Chinese companies when negotiating contracts with foreign companies.