Trade Dictionary in English, Spanish and French

This Trade Dictionary includes 1200 terms and phrases used in export and import operations. In three languages: English, Spanish and French.

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Gastos de establecimiento

Capital outlay

Frais d'établissement
Gastos de operaciones

Operating expenses

Frais d'exploitation
Gastos de representación

Entertaiment allowance

Frais de représentation
Gastos de transporte

Freight charges

Frais de transport
Gastos de ventas

Sales expenses

Frais de ventes
Gastos de viaje

Travel expenses

Frais de voyage
Gastos financieros

Financial expenses

Frais financiers
Gastos generales

Overhead expenses

Frais généraux
Gastos imprevistos

Incidental expenses

Faux frais
Gastos por cobrar

Charges collect

Frais dus
Gastos prepagados

Charges prepaid

Frais prepayés


Directeur, gérant


Gestión de cobros


Gestion d'encaissement
Gestión de existencias

Inventory management

Gestion de stock
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