Incoterms DPU

Delivered at Place Unloaded (named place of delivery)

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The Incoterms DPU appears for the first time in the Incoterms 2020 version. It assumes the same functions and obligations of Incoterms DAT (Delivered At Terminal) which disappears.

In Incoterms DPU the seller delivers the goods unloaded at a port terminal or another place of destination in the buyer’s country. The terminal concept is quite broad and includes both terminals of transportation (land, air, sea) and logistics infrastructure (ports, airports, railway stations) or similar facilities as docks, warehouses and free zones.

Due to the different places of delivery that allows this Incoterm is important to clearly mention the specific point that seller and buyer have chosen for delivery so the contract for international transport made by the seller conforms to that choice.

When the seller carries the goods from the delivery terminal to another point in the buyer’s country such as buyer´s premises (factory or warehouse) Incoterm DPU should not be used. The Incoterms suitable for thatsituation are DAP or DDP.

In Incoterms DPU, the seller has to complete the formalities and bear the costs of customs clearance for export, not the import clearance that corresponds to the buyer.

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