Contracts for the United States - 10 Contract Templates

Contracts for the United States 10 Contract Templates

Companies doing business in the United States often consider using the same contract templates as in other Western countries, especially those governed by the Common Law system, given that, due to historical and political ties between the USA and the United Kingdom, the American legal system is based on the British Common Law. However due to the individual features of the United States it is advisable to have contracts adapted to commercial practices in the country and its legal system.

With this twofold objective in mind, we offer the most common business contracts and agreements used in the United States: exclusive distribution agreement and authorized dealer agreement, sales representative agreement, consulting services agreement, maintenance services agreement, manufacturing agreement, trademark license and confidentiality agreements.

The contracts are valid in most United Sates, with exceptions mentioned in the informative texts of each contract. A guide on Negotiating Contracts in the United States is provided with the contracts.