Confidentiality contract for business idea

This contract is used to protect a business idea that its inventor (or creator) will present to a company in order to analyse its commercial viability and assess a possible collaboration contract in order to carry out the new business. That is why, during the assessment process there is a need to protect the confidential information that the inventor (or creator) of the business idea furnishes to his/her potential partner. The contract stipulates the business ideas and the information which is considered confidential, as well as the processing which should be given thereto same by the managers and employees of the recipient company of the information. Said information includes all information whose unauthorised disclosure may be detrimental to the interests of the inventor of the idea; in this regard, as well as the technical information, may likewise include strategic and commercial information such as the Business Plan or the Operations Plan of the new product or business idea that is to be launched onto the market. Model of Confidentiality Contract for business Idea.