Confidentiality contract for employees

This contract regulates the use that company employees must make of the confidential information received as a result of the work performed by that employee in said company and which lays out the binding terms and conditions that prohibit the employee from disclosing corporate confidential and proprietary information. It is a standard document signed by employees who handle confidential data (for example, passwords to access to company databases), both from the company itself as well as from its clients. Confidential information which the employee may not disclose includes both technical as well as commercial information; and as regards the first information, reference should be made to: methodologies, formulas, machines, computer programmes, research projects etc.; and the second includes: clients and suppliers lists, pricing policies, launch of new products and marketing plans etc. This type of contract likewise generally includes a compensation clause whereby the employee agrees to pay damages for a set amount, for any infringement whatsoever of the non-disclosure of Confidential Information agreement to which reference is made in the Contract. Model of Confidentiality Contract for employees.