A single, non-disposable structure to be filled with smaller objects to facilitate transportation. Containers are used extensively in waterborne, air and rail transport, and come in a variety of container specifications for vessel transport include:

  • 20 foot and 40 foot dry freight,
  • 20 foot and 40 foot open top,
  • 20 foot and 40 foot refrigerated,
  • 40 foot high cube refrigerated,
  • 20 foot and 40 foot flat rack,
  • 40 foot and 45 foot high cube, and
  • 20 foot tank container.

Actual vessel container internal and external dimensions vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and from carrier to carrier. Airfreight containers, often called igloos, are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Rail containers are available for such specialized cargos as coil. Since all carriers do not always provide the full range of containers, it is important to check the availability when planning fora containerized shipment.

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