Service provider contract

This contract regulates relations in the rendering of professional services between a party which provides the specified service (Provider) and another the recipient thereof (Client) in exchange for a payment. The service provider may be both a company as well as a self-employed and independent professional. The provider undertakes the rendering of services maintaining his/her independence as regards the client, that is, working on its own accord using his/her means and business structure organisation, including the assumption of the risks entailed in said provision. Therefore, this type of contract is not a mandate contract, as may the sales commission contract, nor an employment contract, such as the independent self-employed worker contract. When the rendered services are related to the management and administration of companies, it shall be preferable to use the Business Consulting Contract. The Rendering of Services Contract is a contract of a commercial nature given that the provider binds itself against the other party which is its client to undertake a job in return for a price that is ordinarily paid in several instalments (monthly, quarterly) during the term of the contract. Model of Service Provider Contract.