ATA Carnet

An ATA (Admission Temporary Admission) Carnet is an international customs document that allows the temporary importation of commercial samples, professional equipment, or goods going to a trade fair or exhibition in countries that are part of the ATA Carnet system. The system covers over 70 nations and territories in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Oceania. Without this document you would have to go through each individual country’s customs procedures for the temporary admission of goods. An ATA Carnet is valid for one year and allows for movement of the goods shown on the Carnet as many times as required during that period to any of the destinations applied for. The national organizations affiliated to ATA guarantee the payment of duties to local customs authorities, should the goods not ultimately be re-exported. Applications for an ATA Carnet shall be done in exporter´s local Chamber of Commerce. Model of ATA Carnet.

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