Exclusive distribution contract

It is a type of collaboration contract by which a company (Distributor) makes its structure and commercial network available to another (Supplier) in order to sell or distribute a specific product, for a period of time and within a particular territory, and under certain control and supervision of the supplier, the products that the former supplies to the latter, guaranteeing the latter, under certain conditions, the exclusivity to resell said products. It is an atypical contract, given that it is devoid of any specific regulation in law, which is why the relationship between the distributor and the supplier is regulated is contingent on the terms and conditions set out in the contract, and as interpreted by the courts in relation to this type of contract. There are fundamentally three types of distribution. Unlike the Commercial Agency Contract, in this contract, it is the distributor who assumes the risks entailed in the operations; that is, if the clients who purchase the products do not pay the distributor, it is the latter who assumes the non-payment in its entirety. In this regard, clients are, commercially and legally, those of the distributor.Model of Exclusive Distribution Contract.